here's the deal...

I'm a scheduler trying to live this carefree and adventurous life. I'm madly & insanely in love with my husband of 6 years. We have a beautiful grey and white husky named Skye. I'm a graphic designer by trade, photographer by passion. I'd rather watch T.V shows than movies. I can have coffee and pastries all day everyday. My husband is a baker, so that works well for me! I have zero fashion sense and hate wearing makeup. Owning little to nothing and living in a van didnn't bother me one bit.  That is only a layer of who I am, so to find out more lets grab coffee or beer! Or both. I don't judge. 

My husband and I decided to shake things up a bit last year. We were tired of our routine life, not having more than a day off together, not seeing family regularly enough, not adventuring as much as we would like... so we decided to sell everything (cars and all), move out of our rental, quit our day jobs, and live in our E250 Ford van that my husband built out into a camper! We were literally exploring the United States and soaking in all of the beauty around us!  But, about 10 months into our new life,  our van broke down for good.  so, now we are back living in the pacific northwest!! To read more about this part of my life last year, click here!



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