Tatem & Wesley

This adorable girl is Tatem.

And this handsome little man is Wesley.

When I'm not working my photography job, I get to spend 2 days a week being the nanny of these two kiddos. 

Wesley is in school most of the day, so most of my time is spent with Tatem.

We go to bakeries, eat lunch at the park, play tea time with her dolls, make all sorts of crafts, and bake cookies. Oh, and talk about Disney princesses... a lot:)

At least I know about the Disney princesses and can hold an actual conversation with Tatem about them... as oppose to dinosaur talk with Wesley because he knows FAR more about dinosaurs than I do. And more about space, Transformers, and anything that involves construction trucks. He is one smart cookie! I learn something new everyday from him.

And they are way to cute to pass up taking pictures of them. So here are some snap shots of my days in the house with them.

Oh, and I had to include some pictures of the living room. I'm obsessed with it.

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