Happy day after Thanksgiving! 

My husband and I spend our Thanksgiving just the two of us this year. That's what happens when we move to the North West while the rest of our family still lives in California and Arizona!

But we had a great time and my husband made the WHOLE THANKSGIVING DINNER! Honestly, I didn't help at all.  I'm not the best cook and he wanted the satisfaction of making the whole dinner himself.

So I documented. Well most of it. I took my dog for a run during the cooking, but at least I got the photos of the final product. And that's all that matters!

I am very thankful for my husband and his mad cooking skills! And we are very thankful for our upstairs neighbors who let us use their kitchen while they were away!

Oh, and these first few photos are the night before... right before we prepped the turkey. He is just so handsome so I had to share the photos with you all.

Kat WagnerComment