This is Katie and Haley.

Friends since freshman year of college (they are now juniors).  

Lovers of life and the beautiful outdoors. 

Even a bigger love for God and his plans for their lives. 

A TRUE example of beauty without having to be covered in makeup. 

They get most, if not all, of their clothes from thrift stores. 

And the best part of all is that they are my sisters.

Ok, only Haley by blood, but Katie is a part of the family as well.  

(Haley is the one obsessed with wearing animals on her shirts... apparently) 

I felt so blessed by these two while I was taking their photos because they are such beautiful women of God inside and out.  Their personalities shine through wherever they go and whoever they come into contact with. They are both the most down to earth women you will ever meet... and if they could live in a tent in the woods for the rest of their lives they would. 

And even though Haley is my little sister, I look up to her in more ways than she realizes. It bring me to tears right now just thinking about it... They are both in such an awesome stage of life right now and I am SO excited to see how they change the world in the years to come. Oh trust me, they will change the world!

And they like to laugh a lot, if you couldn't tell:)  



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