I am so excited to show off my new blog! I feel like I am expanding in the world of photography, which means I need to revamp my style. Everything. New logo, new blog, new business cards, and a new outlook on advertisement. Advertising has never really been my thing. I like people finding me through word of mouth...  or from my mom- she has the wonderful gift of being able to sell anything she believes in to anyone she ever meets, and my photography falls into that category. I'll probably hire her some day to do all my advertising for me!

But for now it's up to me. I need to put myself out there and have a brand that resembles me in a true and honest way. Hence this new blog. It does, though, help that I now live in the beautiful North West, surrounded by everything that inspires me: trees, lakes and rivers, flowers, cute and unique coffee shops, ACTUAL SEASONS!, and the nicest people you will ever meet. Spokane has treated us well and God has truly blessed me and my wonderful husband through this new season of our lives.


I am excited to not only share my photography world with you all, but my life as well. I am an open book... almost to a fault. But I believe that being transparent to the people around you allows for a deep and humibing relationship, even if it is only through a blog. Nothing shallow. It's never shallow with me. So I will start blogging more often. I promise. I want you to know me as a person and as a photographer because that will better help you decide if you want me to be the one to capture your wedding, engagement, or even family shoot. You deserve to be comfortable around the person who is wanting to document your life.

So welcome! Please enjoy my blog and the beautiful people I have been so blessed to photograph.  

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