My Mother

My mother is an amazing woman. It's one of those situations where growing up I never truly appreciated who she was.. not as a mom, but as a Godly woman. Now that I am an adult and married, I see in her what other women see in her. She is a very strong, independent and courageous woman. She has been the one leading every women's bible study since I can remember. My dad has now been a pastor, or associate pastor, in 5 different churches, and my mom has lead the women's bible study in most of them. And, in these churches, the women multiply in numbers because of my mom's teaching. Honestly... there is always such a strong community of women because of my mom's powerful leadership. It's her passion, it's her strength, and it is the gift that God has given her. She knows how to touch their lives and help them deepen their faith in God and grow in a community with one another. She knows how to be direct, she knows how to be clear and to the point, and she knows how to be vulnerable with women so that they are vulnerable in return.

And she is like that as a mom too. It was hard to connect with that as a teenage girl, but looking back now I so appreciate. She always has a point and there is always a lesson to be learned. And I truly believe that is why I am the woman I am today. 

My mom not only leads the women's bible study, but she is also a speaker... at weekend retreats, camps, mommy and me functions, seminars, you name it.  I specifically remember attending one of the weekend retreats and listening to her share about "Your Front Row". It's one of the topics she speaks on at retreats. She talks about the friends in your lives that occupy that front row of your life. How they are all different, how they fill your needs differently as a friend, what you learn from them, etc. I won't go into detail (even though you really should hear this talk!), but I remember sitting there listening to it and just bawling. I don't even remember why. I'm sure part of it was that I was just so proud to be her daughter. My mom is gifted at speaking to you and touching that part of your life that needed to be touched on. She brings up a flood of emotions you never knew you had. She knows how to get to you, how to touch that deepest part of your heart. And she helps you through this new emotional process you never knew you had. I can't even tell you how many times my mom and I cried with each other at the kitchen table or on the phone about really hard topics in my life, and in hers as well. That's why I was able to open up so much because she was so open to me. And I will remember those conversations for the rest of my life. It makes me cry right now just thinking about it...

I am overwhelmed by her heart... her heart for other women, for her family, and most importantly God. I strive to be like her everyday. 

All this to say... she has FINALLY decided to start her own blog! So check it out! You will not be disappointed:) Her blog is, or just click on the link below. 

my mom being photo bombed by my husband

my mom being photo bombed by my husband

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