Mitch & Mallory: Wedding

I had the time of my life photographing these two. 

I've known them since college... actually I didn't really know them individually, only as a couple.  

Which is why it was kind of surreal being their wedding photographer. It meant that we were all really grown ups now and at least 2 years out of college. And they chose me to be the one to capture the most special day of their life. We weren't in our college bubble anymore, this was real life and they were finally getting married! 

Their friends and family have been waiting for this for a long time. And the day finally came and it was a very big celebration! Lots of tears, lots of smiles, and enough cake and beer to keep everyone satisfied. 

Even though I truly loved every moment of the day, I think I had the most fun photographing the dancing. Mitch and Mallory were so relaxed and happy and ALL their friends really know how to do a dance party. They would have danced all night if the venue didn't cut them off at 10. Everyone loved celebrating on this joyful day!  

Mitch and Mallory, I cherish you both and I felt so honored that you chose me to capture all the moments of your day. Just promise me you will never stop dancing in your marriage:) 

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