So, I turned 26 yesterday. I actually couldn't remember if I was turning 25 or 26. I feel like once you've hit 25 all the years kind of mesh together. Until I turn 30 of course... then thats a whole new ballpark. But 26 sounds so old. Not sure if I like being this old.  

But, I did have a wonderful day turning 26. My husband unfortunately had to work all day, but he took me out to breakfast and then came rushing home to make my surprise birthday dinner with my sister and friends. My husband is so wonderful and I told him my favorite part about the night was seeing how excited he was about it all. He made his own homemade BBQ sauce (my obsession) for our chicken sandwiches and grilled veggies from the garden and bought my favorite potato chips:) I felt very loved and adored by him. 

And, to top it off, he asked my friend Amy to make the cake! And it was honestly the most perfect cake I have ever seen. If you could make a cake that embodied me as a person, it would be this cake. So beautiful and simple with flowers on the top and bottom and a homemade banner that said Kat! It was so amazing. And it was chocolate espresso... heaven.  And yes, maybe I did have a piece for breakfast this morning. No judgment. I'm 26 now:)

My husband is such an amazing man and I felt so loved by him. He made turning 26 so special and I cannot wait for the other 60 birthdays to come! 

Also, Amy is a baker at Chaps and is starting up her our business! Check her out by clicking the Live in Celebration link below! 

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