Thank You 2013

This blog post is better late than never!

My husband and I work at Great Harvest here in Spokane, and this whole last week we remodeled the whole bakery. Tore out the floors and counters and replaced them, painted ALL the walls, replaced sinks and built new display racks, and a whole lot more. It took us 7 days total of 8-10 hour days, but we reopened today and on time! So we are VERY exhausted and unfortunately my blog suffered because of it. 

But all that to say, here is my recap in photos of 2013!

We had such a great year... 

Full of trips

Moving to Spokane

My little sister getting married

Getting our dog Skye

And being VERY blessed to take photos of wonderful weddings, amazing senior girls, and inspiring families. Thank you to all my clients for letting me be apart of your lives and capturing the true beauty in you. You are all the reason why I love being a photographer:)

And I am looking forward to all the weddings I am shooting in this 2014 year! With the first one being next week in Colorado! Let the wedding season begin!

Here are my favorite photos from 2013... I kind of have a lot so bear with me. I just love them all!


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