Aren't my sisters so pretty!

This photo shoot of them (and some of me) was so special.

My middle sister Megan lives in California with her husband. They both had some time off at the end of last month so they decided a visit was way over due! With Haley turning 21 over the summer, it was a great time for us to come together and celebrate.

And that is a big deal because we are all now adults. We are becoming best friends. And not just "we have to be friends because we are sisters" but actual adult friends.

We have real conversations, we drink beer together, and we talk about the good times of college and the joys of being married.

We go exploring and eat good food. We talk about childhood memories, look up old pictures, and marvel at where God has taken each of us and where he is leading us. 

It makes me teary thinking about how beautiful and amazing my sisters are. They have the biggest hearts, they are both following their dreams, and they know who they are in the world. 

They have my heart. And I am so excited for the years to come… another wedding, the start of having children, and growing as entrepreneurs.

Cheers to the years to come!

*Also thanks to Brian (Megan's husband) for taking the photos of the three of us!

Kat WagnerComment