Lucky Detour

Have you been to Lucky Detour yet?! 

If you haven't YOU SHOULD!

My wonderful boss over at Chaps Diner and Bakery has opened a new antique store over in Vinegar Flats! 

It's a cozy old gas station that she has renovated and decorated beautifully from floor to ceiling. She is having to constantly restock the store because everything sells so quickly! Which makes sense because I want to buy everything. No joke. I literally want to decorate my house with everything in the store. Everything.

She has such great taste and such a passion for old vintage furniture and odds and ends. And it shows not only in her store but also in Chaps. Chaps is decorated and constructed just like Lucky Detour. Don't just take my word for it. Go check it out Thursday-Sunday 10am-4pm and then come get some AMAZING breakfast/lunch at Chaps! I'll be working there Fridays and Saturdays… come and say hi!!!

Oh, and my husband is the baker at Chaps… so taking home a loaf of bread or a pastry is a must!

Kat WagnerComment