Travis & Tracy: Engaged

This wildly attractive couple is Travis and Tracy.

It was 25 degrees out and windy… but we braved the cold! And found cute coffee shops and books stores with amazing windows to keep us warm.

Spokane never ceases to amaze me. We were bummed that it was so cold out, so all of our outdoor picture ideas were scrapped... but once we found these beautiful buildings, we forgot that we wanted to take pictures outside in the first place. The sun was always in the right spot and Tracy and Travis were basically models. 

And we did brave the cold towards the end of the shoot and captured incredible sunset pictures!

They make my job look easy and it took everything in me not to post all of the 203 pictures I am giving them. So enjoy the best of the best photos of this gorgeous couple!

I can't wait for the wedding! 

Kat Wagner2 Comments