Mama Doll

I always wished I could be a singer. It's such a great talent to have and you can do so much with it. I grew up listening to female artists (anyone remember Point of Grace?) and imagined I was the one singing, and then possibly being on shows like American Idol. Guilty...

And I dreamt of forming a girl band (I would be the lead singer and a crazy skilled guitarist of course). And if I had any musical abilities, my band would have been exactly like this one. 

So, now that I have shared with you one of my secrets, you should know how ridiculously excited I was to shoot the super talented Mama Doll!

Seriously, I could not contain myself the day I went over to Sarah's apartment to photograph them. It was like a dream come true.

Her apartment complex made for the perfect backdrop because it was such a unique and interesting building with its many quirks and characteristics.

If you haven't listened to Mama Doll yet you NEED to check them out! They are so full of talent and everyone needs to support them and listen to them as much as humanly possible. And if you live in the Northwest check them out in concert! 

Also follow them on Facebook. Show them your love! Facebook.  Website

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