This is Cassy!

This senior shoot was near and dear to my heart because I've known Cassy since she was 13. She goes to the same high school I went to down in Southern California and after college I moved back to Cali and was her waterpolo coach and substitute teacher for many of her classes. We have had so many good long talks and coffee dates discussing the good and the bad of high school and how to get through it in one piece.   

She has become like another little sister to me and she looks up to me like the big sister she never had. We've had our moments, like all sisters do, but it only made our friendship stronger and we've both grown because of it.

And now she is graduating high school! I still can't believe it. 

Last week she was up visiting Whitworth (because I told her she HAS to go to Whitworth!) with her family and I was asked to take her senior pictures! And it was such an honor:) 

Love you Cassy and I am so excited to see which college you decide to go to and the great things God has in store for you! This is such an amazing chapter in your life and I'm glad to be apart of it every step of the way, even if you decide not to go to Whitworth:) Hooray for the good ol' college years!


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