Karl & Ariel

This wedding was near and dear to my heart.

I've known Karl since freshman year of college (8 years ago! yikes!). 

Once we graduated, I moved back down to California. My dad was/is a pastor at Faith Community Church and needed a youth pastor. I told him about Karl and little did we know, my dad actually hired him. So, Karl moved down from Spokane to be the new youth pastor. Karl, Brent (another friend from college) and my husband Mike became instant friends. It's easy to say that Karl and Brent became like brothers to me. 

So when Karl took his youth kids to camp one summer, he met Ariel who was also taking a group of kids to the same camp. They started hanging out a lot, and then we were finally able to meet her. And she is the sweetest, most caring person I have ever met. Karl is one lucky guy to snag a girl like her!

It's been so great to see their love grow and experience life together. They have had their up and down moments, but every time they came out of it stronger and more in love. It's been so great to see Karl, this guy who I've know since he was 18, love someone as much as he loves Ariel and become a stronger man of God because of it. They are an amazing Godly couple and I am so blessed to have them in my life. 

And now they live in Montana and many many camping trips are in order for us this summer! Cheers to you both and thank you for letting me capture the love you two share for each other.

Kat WagnerComment