My mom

My mom is so great. 

She teaches bible studies, speaks at retreats and women's events, and mentors young women. She is such a powerhouse and women are drawn to her not only because of her stage presence and strong speaking skills, but because she is real and will empower you and motivate you and come along side of you as your friend. 

Women come up to me all the time and tell me how lucky I am to have her as my mom. It's so true. I am extremely blessed!  She is always the one I call when I need advice and someone just to listen and motivate me in all areas of my life. I know when I call her our phone conversations will never be shorter than 30 mins, even if I call her every day of the week.

All that to say, she has a blog!

Just in this past year she finally decided to start a blog. It's something she was thinking of doing for a long time but never worked up the courage to actually begin one.

I think it is such a no brainer for her because SO many women will look at her blog every day for their daily devotions, motivational speeches, and just reading what is real in my mom's life right now. She touches so many women's lives and her blog is an easy access to her heart on a daily basis.

And she has just been published in another blog, Sonoma Christian Home! 

Please check out her published piece and most importantly her blog. You'll be touched by her love and guidance, I promise.

Sonoma Christian Home

Debbie Williamson

And these are some head shots I took of her when I was home last month for a wedding! Isn't she so pretty:)

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