Justin & Morgan: Wedding

This wedding was very special to me...

Not only because of the people, the dancing, the voodoo donuts, or the fact that it was on the 4th of July, but because I would not have met my husband if it wasn't for Justin.

In brief: 

Mike (my husband) and Justin are childhood friends. Mike moved to Spokane to live with Justin the last semester of my senior year. Justin and I met and became friends in college. Justin introduced us and 2 years later we were married! So thank you Justin for my wonderful marriage! You deserve all the credit.

Soon after we were married we met Morgan. Justin was moving her up to Portland from Arizona and stopped in California to visit us and a couple of their friends who live in the area. She was beautiful, bubbly, and had the best personality. We hit if off with her from the start and knew this was going to be something great for Justin. 

And so you can imagine how excited I was when they asked me to photograph their wedding! I was privileged to be the one to follow them around from start to finish and document every moment they shared with each other and their friends and family who love them dearly. 

I could not be happier for them! Cheers to the wonderful and gorgeous couple!

Oh, and they exited the wedding in a helicopter... yes a helicopter. So make sure you look through all the photos till the end:)

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