Daniel & Stephanie

I love the fact that most of the weddings I've done these past 3 years are just one big Whitworth University reunions! And this one was no different. 

Stephanie and I were apart of the first freshman class to be in this new dorm on campus, Duvall.  So when she asked me to be her photographer for her wedding I instantly got flashbacks to freshman year with Mock Tails, costume bowling, prime times, and of course Traditiation.  

David was a transfer our Junior year. They both played on the Whitworth Tennis Team, made an instant connection, and started dating. Apparently this is pretty common with the Tennis players. They were well represented at this wedding and most of them were married to each other! It was so great.

The wedding day was filled with reminiscing about Whitworth and tennis, Lord of the Rings jokes (they are HUGE fans), and dancing the night away.

I loved being apart of such a joyous day:)

Kat WagnerComment