What a year. This was the year where I felt the most growth in my business, a shift in my personal editing  style, and the knowledge of the photography trade that I love so much. I'm not a big researcher, so when it comes to learning my camera and figuring out what it is capable of, I am more of a trial and error person… learn along the way. And this year brought many of that! I had so many shoots that pushed me outside of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence and the creativity that I've been looking for the past couple of year. And getting a new camera half way through the year totally helped with that! Hooray!

I have amazing clients who are inspiring and willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect photo. I have a husband who is encouraging and always there for me when I need a confidence boost. And I have a God who is patient with me and blesses me with great people to photograph and great experiences to document.

When I was debating what photos to put on here to showcase 2015, I was going to post only wedding and engagement shoots, but then I realized how broad my photography year was. Not only did I have incredible weddings, I had the cutest family shoots, maternity shoots (including my sisters!), and I started working with and being the sole photographer for a local company, Jean and June, where I photographed their t-shirts on adorable kids and beautiful women. Working with Blake and her company Jean and June has been one of my favorite experiences to come out of this year. I grew the most as a photographer this year because of how I challenged myself and took on all these different and wonderful photo shoots that totally pushed me outside my comfort zone! God is so good and has completely blessed me this year. I cannot thank Him and praise Him enough.

And this upcoming 2016 year will be no different! New photo shoots are in store with Jean and June, and I'll be shooting weddings all over the place, including California and Juneau Alaska!  And exciting new adventures are in store this year that I cannot wait to share with you all! 2016 is going to be a great year, I can feel it:)

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