Haley & Katie Graduate

My little sister Haley is graduating college. COLLEGE! I still can't believe it. 

She asked me if I could take some pictures of her for her grad announcement and OF COURSE I said yes! She is the most beautiful woman inside and out and it made me so happy to be able to capture her joy and laughter in these photos. 

A few Haley facts:

:: She LOVES being outside. She has changed a lot from her Taylor Swift dress wearing little woman she was in California. It's what the PNW does to people, which is why we moved back.

:: She rarely showers and washes her clothes. Seriously. But it builds character?

:: I think she would rather live in a tent outdoors for the rest of her life. Maybe not even in a tent. Just a sleeping bag under the stars.

:: She is addicted to coffee and donuts. A sister after my own heart.

:: She carries around the BIGGEST bible I have even seen. I think the only two things in her backpack are her laptop and her bible. And she has the BIGGEST heart for Jesus and loving on people. Honestly this girl loves with her whole heart.

:: She is a great friend. Ask anyone. She will be the first one to celebrate your birthday, buy you gifts just because, invite you out to coffee, cry with you when you need someone to cry with, and cheer you up when you need it. She is pretty amazing.

:: And now she is going to Indiana for Grad school!!!!! I'm so stinkin excited for her, but also sad at the same time because it means she is moving away from me. But the new chapter of her life is now starting and I can't wait to see how she will change the world. Because she will, just you wait and see. 

And then there is KATIE! She is Haley's best friend and roommate and has become another little sister to me. She is such a beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile!!! Her smile is contagious, it really is. And now she is ENGAGED! I'm super happy and excited because I've been asked to be the one to photograph her special day! I seriously can't wait!!! Be on the look out for her engagement photos soon:)

Love these two wonderful ladies so much and I'm soooo very proud of them and all they have accomplished at Whitworth! Cant wait to see them graduate on Sunday!

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