T.J. & Katie Engaged

This was such a special photo shoot for me.

Katie is like a little sister to me, so to be able to capture her joy and love for this man was such a blessing. They could not have been any cuter together and I so enjoyed just walking around and watching them interact and love on each other. 

T.J. proposed to Katie at the waterfall we hiked to. Such a special and beautiful place with the BEST lighting! It was the perfect setting to capture their love and happiness.

At the beginning of the shoot they told me they don't want to be posed, which I told them was perfect because I'm not a huge fan of posing couples. I instead want to capture moments together. Not posed or forced, but natural. I want them to be on a date and forget that I'm there. So this shoot is 100% them and their natural interactions with each other. And it is a beautiful thing.

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