Caleb & Maryrose: Engaged

Everything just worked out (somewhat) perfectly with these two. Thank goodness!! They are from California, and I am not anymore, but most of my family still lives there. My husband and I went down there a few weeks ago to go see my new niece, so Caleb, Maryrose and I decided it would be a perfect time to shoot their engagement photos as well. They said they wanted to have the photos done on top of a mountain in the winter (and I did a little happy dance!). We decided on a Sunday and my husband and I would meet them at the lodge at 3. Little to our knowledge that was the BUSIEST day ever on the mountain! It had just snowed and everyone was trying to play in whatever snow they can find. It took an hour and a half to get to the top of the one road mountain in bumper to bumper traffic (a maybe 4 mile stretch) with ZERO cell service. I thought the lodge we were meeting them at was at the top of the mountain, but once we got up there, there was no lodge. Just the ticket booth and chairlift. It was then we realized it was the lodge/restaurant we had passed like an hour ago (what ski mountain doesn't have a lodge at the top!). So we head back down the mountain and get to the lodge at dark. DARK! I was devastated. The whole engagement shoot was blown and I wasn't sure when I would be back down to California next. We called each other, and luckily it worked for everyones schedules to do the shoot a couple days later and a few hours before we head back on the plane to Spokane. The mountain was empty, the sun was shining, and it was the PERFECT weather for their engagement shoot! Even if we had met them on that Sunday, I don't even know how the shoot would have gone with all the families taking up the whole mountain! Needless to say, God works in mysterious ways and the engagement shoot worked out perfectly. These two were such champs and braved the cold winds at the top, which made for some amazing photos. And I am SO very excited to photograph their wedding this summer! Enjoy this Mountain Top Engagement.

Kat WagnerComment