Caleb & Maryrose: Wedding

Oh man. I have been seriously smiling while uploading these photos! I love reliving this day again. Caleb and Maryrose are the most down to earth, caring, and passionate couple I have ever met. And based on how many people came to the wedding and celebrated them all day, I would say they would all say the same about this power couple.  They are well loved by their families and church community. The whole day was one big party and, by the end of it all, everyone was a hot mess because they were all dancing so hard! Seriously... craziest dance party I've ever witnessed at a wedding. Wish I had a video for you all to see what I mean! But these two are an unbreakable force, and I was so happy to be the one to be there with them the whole day and capture it all. Cheers to love and dancing!

Kat WagnerComment