Berkley Joy

My niece is SO cute! Seriously though, I could hold her and look at her all day. I still can't believe that my little sister is now a mom. It brings me to tears just writing this. I'm not quite sure why I'm tearing up right now! Geez I'm such an emotional person. But just seeing her with Berkely and her patience and love for this little girl just leaves me in awe. I wasn't quite sure how Megan (my sister) was going to be as a mom because of her personality growing up. She is a straight A student, very organized, very driven, and knows what she wants when she wants it. I had the mindset that she would be on the more high strung, stressed, frantic side of being a mom... but she was the opposite! She had so much patience (even with the lack of sleep), she let you hold Berkley and feed her for as long as you wanted, and was so easy going and calm. It blew me away to see her as a mom and how she interacted with her brand new baby and with her husband Brian. It was such a joy to be around them and witness them as new parents. She almost made it look easy! Made me confident to know that one day (not right now) I could do this too. I can be a mom and be responsible for another human being. But for now I love being an aunt. A very emotional aunt:)

Kat WagnerComment