Cliff and Giselle: Wedding

This wedding was something else. Not only was it in Juneau Alaska, it was also the wedding of a good friend from college. Giselle and I were both Art majors at Whitworth University and back in 2006 the Art department was pretty small. We had A LOT of classes together. So when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was so honored. This very talented artist wanted ME as her photographer for one of the biggest days of her life. So to say I was anxious to shoot this wedding was an understatement. 

And this wedding was anything but traditional. Which is my favorite:) Cliff and Giselle own a small boat that they have traveling and living on for a while now. They are a very adventurous couple, and the water feels like home to them. So it was only fitting to have their first look on the dock where they normally house their boat. And with the beautiful Alaskan background behind them, it was pretty perfect. Not to mention it was the only sunny day the whole time we were there! 

They got married in an old mining museum that was not even close to big enough to hold all their guests, which is why most of them were standing on a platform behind them. Cliff and Giselle's best friend performed the ceremony which was so sweet and personal that I pretty much cried the whole time. Then they drove away in Giselle's grandpa's red Ford truck and we followed them to sushi. Yep, Mike and I ate sushi with them before the reception. It was pretty much the greatest thing ever. 

Then we arrived to the reception at The Red Dog Saloon where everyone was already drinking and dancing to the folk band playing on stage. It was also Folk Festival weekend in Juneau, so it made for a very fun and entertaining weekend. They danced, cut the cake, and then the bar was open to the public at 8. It was a perfect day and their friends and family were so fun to be around, we almost felt like locals:) Cheers to Cliff and Giselle and their beautiful Alaskan wedding! Thank you for treating Mike and I like family and including us in every event that weekend. It was an experience we will never forget.

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