What an exhausting week it has been. I (Mike) have picked up a few more shifts at the pizza shop which bumps me up over 60hrs a week, and at all different times of the day. Kat has been rocking out weddings and wrapping up her last few days at her other jobs. Good bye to any schedule that we had! We had to drop a large amount of cash into the van repairs but feel so much safer on the road, and that’s all that matters to us. On top of all that we have had two garage sales and have been cleaning out our house getting it ready for the next owners.

We are now 26 days away from departure and couldn’t be any more excited, stressed, relieved and nervous. 6 months in a van! Are we crazy? Absolutely, but that’s why we are doing it. We have to get away from our little schedules and routine life we have. Not that anything is wrong with it, or that we are having problems and this is the only way to fix them. We just need something different. We need some new scenery, experiences and to meet some new faces. We love and adore all the friends that we have here in Spokane and even the new ones that are making it that much harder to leave, because after the trip we don’t have any set plans on where we are going to move to next. It’s all in the air and we are open to any possibilities that are presented to us. The uncertainty that the future has is so thrilling.

The idea of this trip is to find or fall in love again with the passions we have and the reasons we are doing them. Kat has this brilliant eye for photography but she is getting a little stuck with the location and scenery that’s around us. She would love to shoot more editorial pieces focusing on small business and their owners, one of the biggest reasons we are leaving. And I love bread! I want to use my hands and make something that helps people. I want to feed people good quality nourishing food. I started at this bakery in SoCal and that was their story, their motto. Everyone is family and everyone will be fed. I have lost that over the past few years with the different places I have worked. Each bakery/store makes me think that it isn’t worth. The standard that was set so high at the first shop hasn’t been met. I need that. We both need more than what we are doing right now.

We also need to realign ourselves back to the core of it all. Our love and faithfulness in God. I’ve been working Sunday mornings for almost a year now, so making it into church has become harder and harder for us. He needs to be our main focus, and right now He is not. We have prayed about this trip for a long time, wondering if God will whisper in our ear or provide us with a sign that this is what the next step of our lives should be. But sometimes that doesn’t happen in the way we would like, so we decided to take the leap of faith and trust that this is what we are meant to do next. And we also pray to be closer to God through it all and that this trip is for Him and not for us. For our hearts and minds to be open to what he has in store for us on the road and meet the people we are suppose to meet.

So, we are selling everything and packing up what will fit in the van and hitting the road to discover those feelings and passions again. Meeting people and listening to their stories on why they do what they do and what they hope to accomplish in the coming months and years. Maybe even lend a hand if needed, I love some good hard work. And ultimately to grow closer to God and do the work we are meant to do.

This is our journey and we can’t wait to share it with you all. Please feel free to comment on ideas of where we should go and who we should see. We would love to hear from you all. Thanks for the support!


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