Central Oregon, Washington, & Montana

Crater Lake:

So, after going south and visiting family in California and Arizona, we headed back up to Spokane for 2 more wedding I had in October. And instead of driving the coast we drove up through central Oregon. Oh, and we had a popped tire in the middle of nowhere central California, the first van problem we had encountered. But we were safe and we were able to pull over on the side of the road and switch out the tire. The first of many times God protect us on the road!

Crater Lake was our first National Park stop on our adventure! And it really did not disappoint. Despite the snow and the fog and lines of RV's filled with retired old people seeing the sites, it's been one of our favorite national parks. The fog eventually cleared up and the lake was just beautiful. But it was freezing, and we were both very sick, so we didn't stay too long.

Next was my good friends wedding in Hood River! (Don't even get my started on Hood River... we freaking love that place!!!). Wedding was beautiful and amazing and seeing friends from college was seriously the best thing ever! Stayed there for a few days, because we could, and the weather was perfect! Loved loved loved our time with friends and being in Hood River.

After Crater Lake we headed to a camp site for the night. We drove directly North from Hood River into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and found a camp spot for the night. We were still VERY sick, so we had tissues stuffed in our noses and were taking cough drops and DayQuil like it was our job. And we had bought a little portable DVD player, so we watched a movie and fell asleep. The next morning we decided to go for a hike, despite the fact we couldn't breathe, and came across one of the most spectacular spots we've seen thus far. We hiked to the top of the mountain and the views at the top were of Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. hood. It was amazing. And we were the only ones there.

So then the plan was to start driving North again and get to Yakima to stay with friends, and the only road north was CLOSED! The road had been destroyed and there was literally no way around it. So we had to drive back down to Hood River and take a different way up. Which really really sucked. BUT the good thing out of it all was that we ate and drank good beer at Everybody's Brewing, and then had amazing coffee and pastries at White Salmon Baking Company.

But then we finally made it to Yakima and stayed with our good friends Craig and Rebecca for like 5 days. We hung out in the town while they worked, went to breweries like Bale Breaker, visited old family friends (I grew up in Yakima), and hiked around Mt Rainier. We had a pretty awesome time in Yakima and can't wait to go back:)

Then we were in Spokane for a while for my last two weddings of the season! So these pictures were from when we decided to walk around the city while our car was being worked on. It was raining and cold, but we had Skye so we couldn't go inside anywhere! Ended up being a great time reguardless. 


But then we waved goodbye to Washington for a while and headed to two of our favorite cities, Whitefish and Missoula! We met up with our favorite family in Missoula for the weekend and had a blast eating good food, drinking good coffee, and hiking up to the "M". We miss them SO much!!!!! I think a Missoula trip with them needs to happen every year.

My FAVORITE coffee place is in Missoula: Black Coffee Roasting Company. Trust me, I've had A LOT of coffee on the road so far, but nothing compares to them. Amazing people, amazing coffee, amazing atmosphere.  

Glacier National Park was our second national park on our trip. We LOVE Glacier! It was foggy and snowy at the top and absolutely perfect. I love fog:) And there was so much snow and fog that we could not see a thing! Which is why Mike was driving:) Going when we did was perfect because it wasn't crowded, but was also terrible because everything was closed for the season. So we will have to go back during the open season to fully experience Glacier. 

After Missuola, we headed to Sheridan Montana to visit our really good friends Karl and Ariel. We miss these two SO much and visiting with them and staying in their small little town for a few days was what our souls needed. We hiked, soaked in the hot springs, made pizza, and just explored Montana. I didn't take any photos on my camera for some strange reason, but I did take a handful of phone photos:)

I call this leg of the trip our "friendship time". We met up with and stayed with A LOT of friends. Which made us super happy because that is why we are doing this!!! We want to go and explore the states and visit as many people as possible! It had been way to long since we saw some of these people and we need to see them more often. Good thing we are coming back through all of these places so we can see everyone again!

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