Oh man I don't even know where to start with Maine. Portland was high on our list of places to visit because it's so far Northeast, we both have never been before, and just something about it sounds appealing. And it was SO GREAT! We LOVED Portland and the whole Maine Coast. It actually reminded us of the Oregon Coast, which is one of my favorite places in the U.S. Portland had great food, it was clean, friendly people, good coffee, brick buildings and cobblestone roads. Everything we expected and more. And I'm a sucker for lighthouses and Maine has a TON of them! We then drove up the coast to Acadia National Park and it was beautiful. Cold and windy, but beautiful. It's a place we want to go back to during their peak season because, since we were there in November, a lot of the fun little stores and lobster shacks were closed for the season. But we still had a blast and exploring the coast was one of our most memorable moments of the vanlife trip so far. And I took a ton of photos. That's when you know I REALLY liked the place.

And we ate A LOT on the East Coast... so I started to write down every place we ate at... I should have done this sooner, but oh well. So these are the places we ate at in Maine:

  • East Ender
  • Holy Donuts
  • OhNo! Cafe 
  • Gilberts Chowder House
  • Nosh
  • Duck Fat
  • Standard Bakery
  • Pai Men Miyake
  • Arabica Coffee Company
  • Bard Coffee

Portland was also the place where we found out Trump became president. We were parked in a Walmart parking lot for the night and we stayed up as late as we could watching the votes come in, and then decided to go to bed. I checked my phone first thing in the morning and saw that Trump was president. I remember just laying there crying. We were both in shock. Walking around Portland that day was so surreal. We were like walking zombies, not quite sure how to handle the news. And everyone was talking about it. It was one of the weirdest days I've ever experienced. 

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