Boston, New York & Providence

After Maine, we headed down the coast towards Boston. We took our time, stopping at any cute small little town we came across. We decided after driving from D.C. to Maine that we wanted to avoid tolls as much as possible. The east coast just sucks the money out of you, and tolls is no exception. So our travel time increased everywhere since we decided to take the back roads, but we didn't care because we had nowhere to be and the back roads are more scenic anyways. For Boston we decided to get an air b&b last minute. So we found one about 20 mins from the city and took the train in. And again we walked everywhere! About 16 miles total. We went to Harvard, Fenway Park, walked the Freedom Trail, you know, the typical toursity places. And I never took out my camera. I have a hard time "looking" like a tourist with camera in hand and taking pictures of the same things everyone else takes pictures of. And I felt like I did that a lot in D.C., so I was less inclined to take actual pictures in Boston. I love the city, a lot, but nothing was inspiring me to take pictures. But I did get some on my phone... And we were only there a day. But these were the places we ate at:

  • Flour Bakery
  • Flat Pattys (AMAZING burgers!)
  • Abbly lane
  • Galleria Umberto: calzones

And we hit up Plymouth Rock after we left Boston, and you know, that was a huge dissapointment.

We left Boston feeling refreshed since we were able to spend 2 nights at an air b&b and took as many showers as we wanted! We started driving to New York and decided to spend the night in Providence, RI. It wasn't a town we expected to like or really spend any time in. But we actually really enjoyed the area and ended up staying two nights there. The city was beautiful and covered in orange and yellow leaves. We walked around the city and Brown University and ate good food and found cute shops. We might have eaten at the same taco shop both nights... it was that good.

  • Tallelah Taqueria: the taco shop we ate at both nights:)
  • The Shop: good coffee and oatmeal
  • Craftland: I wanted to buy everything in that store. Sold local products
  • Revival Brewery: Good thing about living in our van, we can drink as much beer as we want and then sleep it off in the parking lot! We had a lot of beer here and played a lot of pingpong.
  • Shaynas Place: great coffee

Our bartender at Revival suggested that we go to Jamestown on our way out of RI, so we did. More coastal driving and more lighthouses. It made us really happy:)

New York was a tricky beast. We had both been before, but not together. So we've seen most of the touristy things, but decided to go see them all again. We got a hotel in Stamford and took a train in. And only spent one day in New York. Which is not even close to the amount of time you should spend in New York. But we were on a deadline to get to Virginia for Thanksgiving, and honestly that city is so expensive we didn't want to spend more than a day there anyways. We just didn't plan this city well. We wanted to go to a broadway show or see a Jimmy Fallon show, or anything like that, but apparently you have to book your spot at least a month in advance. And since we didn't know exactly when we were going to be in New York, we couldn't do that. So we tried stand by tickets and lottery tickets and no luck. It was a long day of walking back and forth places, running out of luck and running into people, being overwhelmed by the food choices, and not being in one place long enough to enjoy the views around us. Again, we didn't plan the day very well and you really can't do New York all in one day like we thought we could. So, it was kind of a bust, but we are ok with that. Big cities aren't our thing anyways. 

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