St. Louis, Indiana, Cleveland, & Washington D.C

Between Craters of the Moon and the east coast, we had a couple little stops along the way. First, I had a family photo shoot in Boise. We LOVED Boise! The family shoot was so fun, the town is adorable, and we went to a BSU football game (which is where that first photo of us was taken). And then we drove through Joseph Oregon and camped, hiked, and enjoyed their cute little town. Next we drove back up to Spokane for my last wedding of the season! From there we booked it to Colorado because I had an engagement session in the Rocky Mountain National Park 2 days later. I posted a couple of my favorite photos from that session below:) Mike's brother and his wife live in Denver, so we stayed with them for a few days before we took off again. And they graciously let us leave our dog Skye with them for the month and a half that we were going to be on the eat coast! We missed her so much, but it was also a huge relief not having her on the east coast. It would have been VERY difficult to have her with us through the big cities.

After Colorado, we made our way through miserable Kansas and stopped in St. Louis for the night. We didn't spend a whole lot of time there, but we DID go to the City Museum and it was AMAZING! It was one big playground with slides, tunnels, a rooftop ferris wheel, and so much more. I tried to capture it on my phone, but I don't think the pictures accuratly show how amazing the place was! Mike was like a kid, wanting to go down all the slides 100 times and climb through every tunnel. He actually ripped his pants going down all the slides! We had a blast and would reccomend that place to anyone.

We then made our way to visit my sister at Taylor University in Upland Indiana! She is finishing up her Masters program there and is loving every second of it. It was so much fun to see her in her environment where she is happy and loving life. Visiting her was such a joy!!! After seeing her, we stopped in Cleveland to visit my friend Kayli and her husband Joe. And we happened to be there during the World Series, so we went downtown during game 6 and it was crazy! We had such a blast!!!!! Too bad they lost it in the end (go cubs!!!).... 

After Cleveland, we finally made it to the East Coast! We made it to Washington D.C. November 3, so we were pushing it with the weather... nervous that winter would come early. But it was beautiful and the weather was perfect! We stayed with Mike's best friend Arie and his girlfriend Anna. It was so much fun seeing them and catching up and witnessing their life in D.C.. While they worked, Mike and I walked ALL over the city. 20 something miles. We had both been to D.C. before but not together. So we had a blast walking around and being tourists for the day. Museums and monuments all day long! The next couple of days we bar hopped, went to Georgetown, ate good food and watched football. We had such a great time:)

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