New Mexico

After California, we drove straight through Arizona (since we were just there), to finally make our way to New Mexico. We went to Albuquerque first but only for a night before making our way to our second Hipcamp. I had been looking forward to this Hipcamp for so long because it was a YURT!! Staying in a yurt had been on my bucket list for a long time, so to have the opportunity to stay there was so amazing! I was seriously so giddy leading up to the big reveal. And it did not disappoint! It was so beautiful and modern and in the best location. It was on a horse farm in the middle of rolling hills as far as the eye could see. I was able to finally take night photos because the space was so open and the stars were so bright. It was cold out, so I only got a couple night photos, but I was so happy to be there and taking pictures of the wonderful property. We only stayed a night, which was way too short of a time! I could have stayed for weeks, but we unfortunately had to move on. But click HERE for the Hipcamp listing of this amazing place!

A couple of days later, after exploring Santa Fe, we went to our other Hipcamp on a Goji berry farm right outside of Taos. We had such a great time walking around the farm, hearing about all the produce they make throughout the season, and staying in a beautiful old cabin. We were able to spend two nights there which was great so we were able to take pictures of the property, but also go and explore the town of Taos. The hosts were so welcoming and friendly. We had a really great time there! Click HERE for the Hipcamp listing of this place!

Exploring the towns of Santa Fe and Taos...

On our way from Taos to Texas, our van decided to get us more problems right outside the town of Tucumcari. Again, I'll spare you the details, but we were in that tiny rundown Route 66 town for a few days while we decided what to do with the van. We stayed in a retro 60's motel with yellow butterfly chairs in front of every room and a coffee shop attached. It was the only coffee shop in town. After a long, stressful couple of days, we were able to make our way to Amarillo to have a shop there further look into our van. The city of Tucumcari will forever be engraved into our brains!

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