Kat Skye Photography
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i believe love is love. black lives matter. women’s rights are human rights. no human is illegal. science is real. and kindness is everything.

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I want to be your person.


I have found the moments we most want to capture are moments defined by relationship.

Relationship to lovers, friends, family, self. And here’s the thing about relationships: the good kind can’t be faked. In all our realness, in all our raw joy, warmth, stillness, hope, we thrive when we embrace ourselves and others to our fullest. When you’re in front of my camera, I don’t ask you to fake it: I ask you to take in your life, your time in this moment, and immerse yourself in it knowing I will be there not only to capture it, but to care for it.



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“Professionally friendly yet witty enough to make you smirk at just the right moment, Kat made us and our guests feel comfortable and relaxed (and really, really good-looking) the entire day. Kat was literally the best decision we made prior to the wedding.”



“From the very beginning she was engaged and truly wanted to get to know us as individuals and as a couple. She listened to what we wanted from our pictures and then helped us fill in the rest - We have an incredibly wide range of beautiful pictures of every part of our ceremony. I have pictures I didn't even know I wanted! Also, I am so glad that she had no problem hiking up a trail through mud and snow, just to get some shots with evergreens in the background.”



“If you are looking for someone who is real, personable, down to earth, has an eye for spontaneous moments, and loves her job, I recommend Kat. Kat clearly loves her work, and helped us feel like we were working with a real person, not just a business.”



“Kat was super responsive in the early stages of planning our wedding while we were still feeling out our budget and deciding on a venue. Over the months before our wedding she was so helpful in figuring out logistics and addressing my concerns. And when we received our pictures we were blown away with the quality and time she put into the huge number of images she captured. I cannot recommend her enough.”



I think my job is the freakin’ best.

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