I’m a photographer who

wants to tell your story.

Your real story.


I became a photographer because I love photography, yes, but what I also love is coming alongside people (whether for a whole wedding day or one session) and for a moment being your comrade in the telling of your story through this art form.

I have always been moved by authenticity. In 2016, my husband and I decided our daily life had become about going through the motions, rather than purposefully choosing to be true to the things we wanted. So we sold our stuff, packed ourselves and our husky, Skye, into a converted E250 Ford van, and spent the next ten months exploring the U.S.

But here’s the thing about real stories, you guys. Around ten months, our van broke down for good. And yes, we eventually returned to our daily lives.


This is the unsexy part of storytelling. But that’s what I intend to hold for you when you step in front of my lens: all that beauty mixed with mess.

So when the rain flattens your hair on your wedding day and you don’t even notice through your joy, I’ll be beside you. When you’ve stepped into the vulnerable space of starting a business, I’ll help you showcase the heart behind it. Or when you can’t stop studying the curve of your first child’s nose, oblivious to your fading stretch marks, I’ll be there to hold these beautiful moments still.

Because I want to help you tell the whole story.

I currently live in Spokane, WA, with my baker husband, our son Jude and our husky Skye. I love road trips, puzzles, breweries, exploring with my husband and dog, listening to podcasts and drinking an insane amount of coffee. I would love to grab coffee, pastries, or beer (or all three at the same time - I don’t judge) to learn how we can tell your story.



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